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Beskrivning av anordningen

Skorpion 500 EBZ is a stationary drum chipper designed for chipping short flat wood waste.

Charging hopper, 500 mm wide and 200 mm high, enables vertical drop feeding of material with different size and shape, that is short sawmill and furniture waste. Control system of the chipper operated from the switchbox performs the functions of switching on and off, operation and overload control. Cutting system includes a drum equipped with 2 or 3 knives. Configuration of appropriate number of knives and diameter of holes in the screen allow obtaining the required size of the final product.

Skorpion EBZ is driven by electric engine of 45 kW, and equipped with electronic system of operation control which automatically prevents the cutting group against excessive load by temporarily stopping the feeding.

Skorpion 500 EBZ can cooperate with belt conveying systems. The standard set of equipment incorporated includes: a chipper, control switchbox, feeding conveyor and, on request, exhaust-pressure fan for receiving the produced material.

Chips obtained from Skorpion 500 EBZ can be used for direct burning in burners/ovens or as raw material for production of paper, furniture chipboards and, after additional disintegrating in a mill, for production of briquettes and pellets.

Technical data



Overall dimensions (length x width x height) [mm] (5500)*1450 x 950 x 1670
Weight [kg] 1200
No of knives 2 cutting knives + 1 counter-knife
3 cutting knives + 1 counter-knife
Feeding speed [running meters/min] up to 33,5
Chipping capacity [stère meters/h] up to 8
Chip width [mm] from 10 to 25
Dimensions of inlet (width x height) [mm] 500 x 200
Drum diameter [mm] 450
Revolutions of cutting drum [rpm] 930
Feeding unit belt conveyor - 4 m
Main engine power [kW] 45
Power of engine on feeding conveyor [kW] 1,1 (1,5)
()*-  Dimension with conveyor  


Equipment included:

  • control switchbox
  • loading/feeding conveyor
  • electronic anti-stress system


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